Where can I find your coffee?

Our coffee is found in Super One Foods, Rosauers, Huckleberry's Natural Market, Yoke's, and Harvest Foods in WA, ID, and MT.

Do you offer samples? 

We offer samples to potential wholesale customers only. 

What is your lightest roast? 

We have one light roast, Light Roast Brazil. We are a Seattle-style roaster (Medium to Dark roast), so most of our coffee is on the darker side! 

How fresh are your beans? 

Our beans are roasted daily, so very fresh! We are roasting 1,400-1,800 pounds of coffee a day. 

Is the coffee fresh in stores? 

We have a team of people who go into stores weekly to rotate the coffee bags and bulk bins. Out with the old and in with the new.

How to order a coffee blend that is not on the website? 

Follow our guide to ordering your coffee here

When can I pick up my coffee order? 

We require people to follow our pickup guidelines. Please click this link. 


Is seating available? 

Unfortunately, no we do not have seating available as of now. We are working on a way to have more space in our parking lot. Minimal parking is available, which means, we cannot accommodate long visiting hours. 

Do you have food to purchase? 

Not yet! We are also working on finding the perfect bagels and pastries for you to enjoy with your fresh cup of coffee! 

What are your hours? 

Monday through Thursday 7am-4pm | Friday 7am-12pm | Saturday + Sunday Closed

Where are you located?

Right next door to Sounds on Wheels on Indiana. Click here for directions!

What is your phone number?