Cafe is now open!

Cafe is now open!

Big news!

Our 4SC Cafe is now open and we couldn't be happier! Come join us for a fresh cup of coffee. Serving all sorts of coffee drinks and different brewing methods. We offer drip coffee that changes weekly so you get to try more of our coffee, two espresso roast's to choose from, medium or dark, and a pour-over or Chemex option that changes bi-weekly! We strive to serve you the best coffee drinks in Spokane. 

Let's talk shopping.

We offer a huge retail shopping experience. Sip and shop away! Do you need to grab a gift for someone? We got you covered.  It's not just coffee or tea-specific gifts, it's charcuterie jelly, cocktail mixers, sugars, sweet treats, a variety of nuts, cards, water bottles, stickers, you name it! New retail items arrive bi-weekly or monthly, you'll have to follow us on social media to find out when our next retail drop is! 

Time to talk about the hot topic, seating. 

Unfortunately, we do not have the parking to accommodate log visiting hours because of our shared parking lot with our neighboring business. So, we do not have available seating for you to chill out and read a book or do work for two hours! Once we figure out how to magically make a parking lot appear, we will have some seating available. All jokes aside, the parking lot and providing a seating area are at the top of our list! 

Grubhub, baby. 

That's right! We are on Grubhub. You don't have to have your coffee delivered to you, although some people love that, you can also choose the pickup option. So if you are in a hurry and need a quick option, we are here for you!  

Last thing and I'll be done, retail coffee.

If you have ordered coffee with us in the past and chose the pickup option, you know our pickup hours, Monday through Thursday 1-3 pm. This will stay the same. What this does is give our production team enough time to get your pound of coffee ready for pickup. We have a lot of orders to fulfill and we want to be efficient for you! Ordering a day before you plan on picking up your coffee or ordering the day of before 11 am, helps us be efficient! 

We appreciate you and hope you will spread the word about our new cafe to your friends! 



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